Other Author Interviews

Want to learn about the inner (and outer) lives of authors and their stories?

Several writing friends and anthology colleagues are posting fascinating author interviews and profiles. Lots of great insights into how writers got their starts, what inspires them, and how they fit writing into their lives, plus intriguing glimpses into their work.

Most recently, VT Dorchester, reader and writer of Westerns, has posted an interview of me amidst some excellent reviews of books and movies.

Katrina S. Forest, editor of Urban Fantasy Magazine, has posted an interview with me paired with a review of Running Wild Anthology of Stories Vol.3.

My critique partner, Aud, has a fun website, and has featured me and another critique partner, Stan Gale, in an interview she’s posted here.

Check out these sites for more from my anthology colleagues:

Rebecca House at Small Town Gal. You can read Rebecca’s interview of me here.

Julie Doherty —  sadly, her site was hacked and she lost her old blog! But check out her new website — it looks beautiful.

Susan at West of Mars — check under her “Featured New Book Spotlight” and “Lines of Distinction.”

And Tone Milazzo’s podcasts for Running Wild Press.

I hope you’ll have a look around these websites!

And look on my home page for my interviews of some of my anthology mates. They have some fascinating stories to tell.

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